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3DS MAX 2020

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3ds Max 2020 with new performance improvements by adding valid time periods. A new internal feature is Prevent 3ds Max from evaluating curves and geometry unchanged, thus improving playback speed. View interactivity is now also faster with the use of large numbers of grouped objects.

Some adjustments in 3ds Max 2020 include faster implementation of the SetNormals MaxScript function and faster automatic response when interrupted by pressing exit. The FPS screen has also been tuned for greater accuracy and Unwrap UVW Flatten mapping significantly faster when working with many UV islands.

3ds Max 2020 feature:

  • Create Animation Preview improvements
  • Install before modifying Chamfer and save the default settings
  • 14 new OSL shader
  • New Revit import Combined by type
  • Button object MAXtoA PFlow
  • Copy + modify paste maintain their custom name
  • Duration of validity (animation is only counted if there is a change in object position)
  • Autobackup responds faster to ESC requests
  • Updated Civil View motifs to render with Arnold
  • Change the color of the listening window MAXScript
  • More than 270 3rd party plugins are released around 3ds Max 2020.

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