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AutoCAD, the current full name is AutoCAD specialized toolsets, the world's leading CAD design software and a key product of Autodesk, with key features revolving around 3D models. It is used by architects, industrial designers and engineers around the world to design, outline and model different projects. These projects can range from individual models and products to complex piping systems and buildings.

However, using AutoCAD is not limited to designers. Project managers can also use their workflow and its specialized toolkit to help professionals from different industries get the most out of this software.

Its main features include:.

  • 3D modeling and visualization;

  • 2D drawing;

  • Print Studio;

  • Application programming interface (API);

  • Import PDF.

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The list of features that make 3D modeling easy is endless. Previously, AutoCAD provided standalone products, from AutoCAD Architecture to AutoCAD Mechanical. Now, with the release of AutoCAD 2019, AutoCAD is packaged into a single product that provides specialized tools, the full name is AutoCAD specialized toolsets. If you decide to choose this product, you will also receive the set of specialized tools we mentioned earlier, including:

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  • Autocad Architecture: includes features for architectural drawings, documents and schedules. Users can create floor plans, cross sections and other building designs, not to mention the use of more than 8,000 smart objects and designs.

  • Autocad Electrical: comes with electrical design features to allow users to create and modify electrical control systems. Users can take advantage of consistent project standards and a library of more than 65,000 electrical symbols.

  • Autocad Map 3D: combining GIS topology, allowing users to use CAD data and GIS in planning, designing and managing data. Users can access spatial data, use standard data schema and even automate workflows.

  • Autocad Mechanical: includes a standard library of mechanical parts and tools, allowing users to create and record mechanical designs. Users can create an area of ​​parts and assembly details, with more than 700,000 parts manufactured.

  • Autocad MEP: add specialized tools to help users design and record MEP construction systems. Users can take advantage of accurate construction materials, task-based tools and more than 10,500 MEP objects.

  • Autocad Plant 3D: comes with features to help users create P & IDs and integrate them into 3D factory design models. Users can create geometric measurements, create diagrams and take advantage of more than 400 plant objects.

  • Raster Design: combines raster-to-vector tools, allowing users to convert raster into DWG objects. It also provides users the ability to edit scanned drawings in an AutoCAD environment.

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