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Autodesk BIM 360 is a perfect tool for professionals in the AEC industry to help speed up project assignment and reduce risks in the work process by enhancing the working connections between units as well as connections between offices, to the construction site take place throughout and ensure consistency with each other.

Autodesk Bim 360 includes:

  • BIM 360 Docs                                                 - BIM 360 Design
  • BIM 360 Build                                                 - BIM 360 Glue

Benefits of using Bim 360:

Autodesk BIM 360 allows all project managers, subcontractors, design professionals, architects and other construction management professionals to have full control over the process and life cycle stages. of project. From the design on the manuscript to the construction, handover, BIM 360 has solutions to connect you and the team to the best.

  •  With BIM 360, project managers can understand all the information (design projects, documents, budget plans ...) and make them accessible even to team members. . Everyone in that group can monitor work progress, propose plans, review the construction process, mark, approve project models, plan and document.
  • In any work environment, unavoidable problems in the construction industry are construction delays, cost increases, redo, and customer dissatisfaction. BIM 360 makes it easy to handle everything - from job security, inventory and equipment management, resource management, quality, ...
  • BIM 360 allows managers to extend more access to important group information so they remain in the loop of any updates and changes and can contribute projects in real time.

Why choose Bim 360:

  • The design makes the idea of future work easier.
  • High flexibility, easy to adjust design when changing BIM model
  • Estimate the cost of construction materials accurately and quickly.
  • Reduce unnecessary material costs in construction.
  • Discover, find vulnerabilities and know how to fix them effectively.
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