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Revit is software researched and developed by Autodesk - a powerful software that supports architects and construction engineers. Revit is built specifically for Building Information Modeling (BIM), empowering design professionals and building ideas from ideas to builds with a coherent and consistent model-based approach. Revit is a unique application that includes features for architectural design, MEP and structural and construction techniques.

Benefits of using Revit

1/ Improve the consistency and accuracy of records

  • The level of alignment between the project views on the drawing is very high, depending on the percentage of model use in the drawing. Especially when there are adjustments to design ideas and coordination between disciplines.

2/ The symbol system is strictly managed and uniform

  • The management of simple symbol system does not take much time. Records created with REVIT will easily export statistics tables, export volume estimates ...

3/ Shorten the time

  • The deployment time is extremely fast if you already have the necessary specialized data and libraries. Edit easily, quickly and sync profiles.

4/ Easy coordination

  • Revit's 3 Architecture, Structure and MEP disciplines work together to create a complete product or project portfolio.
  • From the great benefits that Revit brings, what are the students of architecture, construction, engineers and architects waiting for? project to improve the quality of work, bring the highest work efficiency.


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