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Exchange Server Data Recovery converts .EDB files to .PST files
Effectively convert .EDB file to .PST file Recover deleted emails Efficiently repairs large databases...
Veritas NetBackup 6.5 delivers high performance data protection that scales to protect the largest UNIX, Windows, Linux and NetWare environments. With complete protection from remote office to data center to vault, NetBackup offers a single console for all backup and recovery operations. Please contact...
CA ARCserve Backup Suites combine agents and options needed to backup a particular type of server into a single suite, enabling you to reduce the complexity of procurement, installing, managing and tracking software product licensing keys
CA ARCserve Backup r12 Database Suite  :
Files Server Suite + Oracle Agent , SQL Agent , Sybase Agent , Informix Agent , Ingres Agent
CA ARCserve Backup r12 e-Mail Suite :
Files Server Suite + Exchange Agent , Exchange Premium Add-on , Lotus Notes Agent

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