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Robo-FTP Server
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Robo-FTP Server is a simple, cost-effective solution that enables organizations to offer secure FTP access that is easy to administer.
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Robo-FTP Server offers easy-to-administer secure FTP access with powerful automation features.

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Powerful security features help ensure compliance with corporate policy and new government regulations.

  • Support for FTP, FTP/S (FTPS or FTP+SSL) both in explicit and implicit modes

  • Support for SFTP (secure FTP subsystem on SSH2 secured channel)

  • Support for certificate and private key authentication

  • Integrated PGP encryption/decryption


Simple configuration tools make it easy to administer the server and control access

  • Uses existing Windows user accounts for authentication

  • Complete information on connected users (IP address, port, total connected time, etc.)

  • Control bandwidth usage for each user

  • Detailed logs showing commands, replies, etc.


Robo-FTP Server provides powerful, yet simple tools for automating file transfers and related tasks.

  • E-mail notification

  • Zip/Unzip with password protection

  • Copy, delete, and move operations

  • Integrated scheduler

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