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CA ARCserve Backup r12 File Server Suite
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CA ARCserve Backup Suites combine agents and options needed to backup a particular type of server into a single suite, enabling you to reduce the complexity of procurement, installing, managing and tracking software product licensing keys

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CA ARCserve Backup Suites
Base , Agent for Open file / Netware , Client Agent for Unix , Client Agent for Window , Client Agent for Mac OS X , Client Agent for Netware ,  Client Agent for Linux , Disk Staging Option , Disaster Recovery Option , Tape Library Option , NDMP NAS Option , SAN Option , Tape RAID Option, Optical Library Option, Serverless Backup Option, Enterprise Option for Open VMS, Enterprise Option for AS/400, Enterprise Option for StorageTek ACSLS, Enterprise Option for IBM 3494, Enterprise Option for VSS Hardware Snap-shot, Enterprise Option for MS SQL using HDS & HP - XP Snap Shot.

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