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TOAD DBA Suite for Oracle
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Toad DBA Suite for Oracle - simplify database administration and become a more proactive DBA by solving issues before end users are impacted.

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Toad DBA Suite for Oracle simplifies common database administration tasks and helps DBAs become more proactive in solving database-related performance issues before they impact the production environment. It includes all functionality in Toad for Oracle Xpert, the Toad DB Admin Module, Spotlight on Oracle Standard Edition, Toad Data Modeler and Benchmark Factory for Databases (Oracle Edition).

  • Manage, synchronize and deploy schema changes
  • Administer your databases – including users, roles, infrastructure and utilities
  • Diagnose and resolve database performance issues in real time
  • Identify problematic SQL statements directly from source code or execution in Oracle
  • Optimize SQL statements automatically through SQL rewrite and indexing
  • Manage database storage
  • Perform and schedule checks of database instance health and security
  • Replay database workload to simulate production environment in development/test databases

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