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Toad DB Admin Module
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Toad DB Admin Module (formerly Toad DBA Module) - maintain database health and stability, while minimizing the impact of changes to the database environment.
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Toad for Oracle DB Admin Module (formerly Toad DBA Module) helps maintain database health and stability. It ensures the best possible efficiency and performance while minimizing the impact of changes to your database environment.

The DB Admin Module not only automates administration and reporting tasks, but it also provides a workflow that allows you to easily transition from one task to another. The Toad for Oracle DB Admin Module facilitates database administration tasks with a powerful browser-based view of performance information across multiple database instances, right down to the user session level.  With the Toad or Oracle DB Admin Module, administrators can quickly:

  • Navigate across multiple databases and perform object management with the Database Browser
  • Generate synchronization scripts, and compare and synchronize database schemas
  • View Oracle performance metrics using StatsPack Browser or the AWR (Automatic Workload Repository) Browser
  • Manage Oracle user accounts
  • Execute a 86-point health check, complete with 23 vulnerability assessment checks
  • Utilize the export file browser
  • Perform tablespace management
  • RMAN script templates
  • Schedule batch jobs

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