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Websense Email Security
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Websense Email Security – On-premise email security software blocks spam, phishing, and viruses, and protects confidential data within email

Price for per Node ( Minimum 25 Lic), More details, contact us ..

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Websense Email Security (formerly SurfControl Email Filter) software provides comprehensive content filtering for continuous protection against inbound and outbound email threats including spam, viruses, blended threats, data loss, and regulatory violations. Industry-leading threat detection technology, email antivirus, and expertise are complemented by simple-to-use monitoring and reporting to provide a high level of control and visibility. Companies can defend against the full spectrum of email threats to reduce business risk, enable business compliance, and ensure business continuity.

  • Websense Threat Expertise – Manage blended Web and email attacks with powerful intelligence and Web security expertise
  • Granular Outbound Content Filtering – Employ a flexible rules engine, compliance templates, and extensive risk dictionaries for granular policy enforcement
  • Visibility Through Reporting – Control email usage with interactive drill-down reports, automatic report scheduling and delivery

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