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PowerBuilder Enterprise
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PowerBuilder blends new and emerging technologies into the most vigorous data-driven development tool, allowing developers to rapidly create mission-critical client/server, distributed, Web and Smart Clients applications for JEE, Win32, and .NET platforms
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The latest version of PowerBuilder brings .NET interoperability enhancements, DataWindow innovations and many other new capabilities to make your job even easier, your applications even more robust and your development even faster. Here's what's new in PowerBuilder 11.5:

PowerBuilder is .NET
PowerBuilder gives developers the flexibility and power to bring existing applications into or build entirely new applications for .NET WinForms, WebForms and Smart Clients. Delivering on another phase in our .NET roadmap, PowerBuilder 11.5 provides:

  • Support for Strong Named Assemblies
  • The ability to access .NET static, primitive and enumerative classes
  • Support for IIS7

Supplanting the need to “rewrite for .NET”, PowerBuilder 11.5 delivers rich, fresh applications with speed and ease.

DataWindow® Innovations
PowerBuilder 11.5 brings more advancements to the patented DataWindow - the fastest data access, manipulation and presentation tool around. With PowerBuilder 11.5, new and enhanced data visualization features provide even richer presentation of business data through a highly graphical and interactive user experience. DataWindow innovations include the ability to render pie, column, bar, line, and area charts all in 3D, special gradient and transparency features, and support for PNG files. Plus, Rich Text Edit style for columns has been added.

Simplifying Security
Additional security tools that enable you to deliver applications that meet today's protection, compliance and integrity needs are built right into PowerBuilder 11.5. PowerBuilder 11.5 now supports the Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC) regulation required of all federal agencies and contractors. In addition, there is support for CAS (Code Access Security), allowing .NET applications to run in partially trusted zones.

New Native RDBMS Support
Continuing its tradition as an open tool, PowerBuilder 11.5 comes with native drivers for SQL Server 2008 and Oracle 11g for utmost developer efficiency and productivity.

Application Server Plug-in and PocketBuilder – For Free
PowerBuilder 11.5 (Enterprise Edition only) now ships with the Application Server Plug-in, which supports the ability to deploy into third-party application servers, directly from the PowerBuilder IDE. PowerBuilder objects can be deployed to JEE application servers where they will act just like EJBs. And for those of you with mobile development mandates, PowerBuilder 11.5 also comes with PocketBuilder, enabling agile Windows Mobile™ development.

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