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IceWarp Professional Suite
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The right choice for organizations requiring secure email communication, with secure webmail access, near-perfect Antispam, on-server antivirus scanning and server to server migration tool.

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Based on the well-established Merak technology, IceWarp Server is robust, feature rich and yet extremely easy to administer. For over 8 years on the market, it has evolved into a comprehensive messaging platform for electronic communication, covering:

Couple these features with

  • High-performance, resource aware, and easily scalable engine
  • Single point authentication layer for all services
  • Load-balancing, distributed services and high-availability options
  • Flexibility of settings
  • Field-proven compatibility
  • Extensive options for system integration
  • Intuitive, one-place administration interface
  • Full Unicode support across all subsystems

and IceWarp Server is easily the best choice for a wide range of environments:

  • Office networks of all scales
  • Corporations with multiple office locations
  • Nation-wide Internet Service Providers
  • Developers and system integrators
  • Schools and universities
  • Government bodies

Rock-solid reliability allows the server to be used in various deployment scenarios:

  • MTA with Undeliverable settings & Retry intervals
  • MX Resolver for direct delivery via DNS look-up
  • Relay Server with Trusted hosts
  • LAN Server in Local delivery mode
  • Backup Domain Email Server
  • ETRN Server
  • Anti Spam Filtering Gateway
  • DMZ email server shield
  • SMTP Router with criteria based routing options

IceWarp eMail Server can fully integrate with your current infrastructure via ODBC compliant DB connectivity, Active Directory integration, and multithreaded SSL secured services. It provides support for systems with multiple CPUs, and can ensure high availability via, load-balancing, DNS SmartCache, OpenLDAP and many other sophisticated technologies.

Many of the well respected companies and business colleagues you communicate with everyday are using IceWarp eMail Server right now. They might be a small business to large businesses and major ISPs. Organizations such as Toyota, NATO, the FBI, the United States Government and many others have utilized it. You probably know others who have already deployed Merak as their communications solution and recognizing its value.

Download a FREE 30-day fully functional trial of the revolutionary IceWarp eMail Server right now. It only takes 5 minutes to install and can be tested in a fully operational mode even on your desktop, laptop, or a production server.

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