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ActFax - The Fax Server Solution for Windows and Unix

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ActFax Server Product Details

ActFax has been designed for network-wide transmission and receiptof fax messages, as well as sending and forwarding fax messages byemail. The software runs on any Windows version from Windows XP or higher and also supports terminal servers. Due to the client/server architectureof ActFax, all data is stored centralized on the fax server. With the integrated fax client and the ActFax printer driver, faxing from any standard application is as easy as printing. For the integration of the fax service into own applications, ActFax offers various standardized interfaces.

Due to the intuitive user interface (see screenshot), the installation and configuration of ActFax is done in just a few minutes. Since ActFax automatically detects and configures the available hardware, the fax server is ready for operation right after the installation. ActFax is also available for free downloadthrough the download area for in-depth testing. A detailed overview of all features and functions supported by ActFax can be found in the features and functions summary below.


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