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WinArmor Server
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WinArmor Server is specially designed to protect your server and all the services and applications from all kind of trojans, viral software and spyware attacks (except for rootkits). It provides additional security even to paranoid Microsoft Vista security for services; in addition to credential based protection WinArmor Server provides separation of file space for any kind of service you need.
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WinArmor features

WinArmor Desktop provides the following possibilities:

  • Spawn specific applications with sandboxes
  • Manage profiles for every application and service
  • Provide separation on per user/per group basis; different sandboxes can be used for the same process but with different effective credentials
  • Prepare sandbox environment with friendly interface
  • Specify sandboxes to be applied automatically
  • With "copy on write", "shared", "private" and "immutable" folders, keep your data safe.
  • Sandbox' own system drive
  • Sandbox' own registry (both system and user settings)
  • Sandbox' own other drives (optionally)
  • shared drives (CD-ROM, network drives, USB storage devices, particular hard drive partitions or folders) (optionally)
  • shared TCP/IP services, named pipes and other IPC services
  • evaluation versions
  • support Windows 2000 - Windows 2003 and Windows Vista

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