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Moldex3D Viewer
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Moldex3D Viewer is a standalone Moldex3D result visualization tool, and it can be used to visualize, quantify and compare any Moldex3D analysis projects interactively. By using Moldex3D Viewer, benefits or defects of the designs can be shown and discussed visually, and therefore better communication among the parties can be achieved.

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For a CAE engineer who utilizes injection molding simulation software to study and optimize his design projects, it is essential for him to share knowledge acquired from simulation results with his team members, including part designers, mold makers, or even customers. Those results are more than often best explained through visualization. Moldex3D Viewer is designed specifically for this need, it is exactly a comprehensive platform to expand the collaboration and strengthen your competitiveness. Both Moldex3D users and non-users will be greatly benefited.

Moldex3D Viewer Key Functions

  • Support to open Moldex3D Solid(*.m3j), eDesign(*.mvj) and Shell(*.m2j) projects.
  • Support to make AVI or animated GIF files.
  • Support to make HTML and PPT reports by Report Wizard.
  • Provide result rendering, iso-curves and XY-plots.
  • Provide 3D clipping, slicing and iso-surface display functions for solid



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