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photorealistic rendering for Rhino.
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What is new in Flamingo 2.0

New features include:

Enhanced user interface
Dockable panels stay open and update while other commands run. Panels include materials, plants, lights, and environments.

Tear off tabs to their own windows or place onto other panels.

Drag and drop materials and objects
Content browser with drag-and-drop support from libraries to:

  • Assign materials to layers and objects
  • Insert lights and plants

Environment manager
The Environment Manager allows:

  • Quick access to environment settings
  • Multiple environments

Globally reflected environment
Specify an environment that only reflects in objects, but is separate from the visible background. Use a separate environment to make metals and glass look better without having to change the background you see. Reflected environment settings are available through the Environment Manager.

Global illumination light dome with HDRI support
The light dome object creates a complete environment of lights to implement a new global illumination scheme. HDRI images can be used as light sources.


Support for Piranesi EPix
Save images in the EPix format for the Piranesi paint program.

Sun and parallel light soft shadows
Both the sun and parallel lights sources can cast soft shadows. Set the amount of shadow through the properties of each light.

Softness controls the angle of the shadows, Jitter controls the amount of noise to blur out the shadows, and Samples controls how many rays are cast to sample the shadow.

Improved soft shadows, blurry transparency, and blurry reflection
Increased samples and jitter give better control and quality.

Foliage density per plant
Specify foliage density by plant to increase rendering efficiency. Reduce the foliage on plants that are in the distance or are grouped with others.

Missing material/decal bitmap report
Missing material and decal bitmaps are reported on the command line using the FlamingoReport command.

Batch rendering using scripts
Scripts can be used to change environments, load saved views, change layer states, and run batch jobs.

Save photometric images
Save photometric images to file. Edit the file later to apply brightness, shadow darkness, contrast, and depth of field without re-rendering.

Post rendering effects
Post render effects filters allow you to apply effects to images after rendering.

  • Quick application of depth of field, glare, glow, wireframe, and fog
  • Set filter order for different effects
  • Edit properties with real-time preview
  • Pick depths and distances for the effects from the image
  • Open to custom third-party developers

Decal across multiple objects

RPC 3.0 object support
The new render-ready 3-D RPC objects

Polygonal groundcover
Ground cover can now be any shape.

Clipping planes
Rhino clipping planes respected.

Shadows per object

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