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Serv-U is the most complete solution for solving your company's file management needs. Serv-U incorporates 5 industry standard transfer protocols to ensure accessibility to the broadest client base. The Web Client, Web Client Pro, and the optional FTP Voyager JV transfer client ensure clients can access your server from any location. With support for 14 different languages, Serv-U can be used by your international end-users in their native language.
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Linux Support

Serv-U 11 is one of the first professional Managed File Transfer servers to operate natively on both Linux and Windows servers. Serv-U utilizes true native development on each OS based on the same solid Serv-U engine to provide the same file transfer experience for users regardless of platform.

Click here to learn more about Serv-U Linux.

Custom HTTP Interface

Go beyond basic logo updates in your Serv-U login pages with complete customization of the Web Client/FTP Voyager JV login pages. In Serv-U 11 Gold Edition, customers can write their own login pages using HTML/CSS to completely brand the front page used by customers connecting with their Web Browsers. Colors, themes, images, and layout are all controlled by the administrator for full brand recognition.

Learn More about Custom HTML in Serv-U 11.0!

Web Client Pro

Serv-U 11 adds the Web Client Pro, a powerful feature for Silver and Gold Edition customers that allows multiple file transfers to be performed in the web browser without need for an external FTP client. Web Client Pro bridges the gap between the easy-to-use Web Client and the premier FTP Voyager JV.

Learn More about this new highly requested feature.

Major Events Updates

Serv-U events support a wide range of new triggers relating to password and account expiration. The new events, like "Password Stale" and "Account pre-disable" can notify users of a wide range of events, such as impending password expiration, upcoming account disabling, and more. The functionality of Serv-U's password and user expiration/deletion features is now greatly extended by this addition to the Events framework.

Importing/Exporting IP Access Rules

IP Access rules are a critical part of the security process of many IT departments. IP Access rules can now be imported and exported directly from Serv-U using the standard CSV file format.

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