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Canvas X 16
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Faster and more powerful than ever before, Canvas X 16 is specially designed to make it possible for engineers, small business owners, and technical graphics professionals to illustrate and communicate with confidence.

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Now with 64-bit technology, Canvas X 16 has been fine-tuned for performance. Catering to a wide range of professionals — from graphics designers to engineers — this upgraded technology allows for more memory, faster performance, and is DPI-aware to take advantage of today’s most advanced hardware. The result is drastically increased document speed and the best graphics display available on the market. Canvas X 16 also includes a new modernized interface for an enriched user experience. 

Canvas X 16’s unique and integrated design environment makes it possible for users to work with and combine all graphical elements, and to apply high-end effects in a single document. Technical illustrators can now open and manipulate documents with over one million objects in seconds vs. minutes.


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