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GFI WebMonitor: New Version 2011 Available Now

Dear GFI WebMonitor Customer,

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new version of GFI WebMonitor™: GFI WebMonitor 2011 is available now with the following new features:  

»   Improved browsing performance and reduced bandwidth consumption through proxy caching (standard version)

»   HTTPS scanning for enhanced filtering and control (standard version)

»   Time and bandwidth quotas – Define policies based on time and bandwidth; e.g., limit YouTube use to 100Mb per week per user (WebFilter edition of both versions)

»   Better reporting – Interactive Access Monitoring Reports and Blocked Monitoring Reports, including sorting and drill-down capabilities (all versions).

Click here for a full list of new features in
GFI WebMonitor 2011


Next Steps

GFI WebMonitor customers with valid
are entitled to a FREE upgrade:


Thank you for your continued interest!

GFI Software


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